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Thursday, November 11, 2010

European Lean Tour coming!

Many of you have heard of, or participated in, our Japan Lean Tour. But did you know that LSI takes participants to visit and see lean in action in many other cities around the world.

In addition to our usual trips to Calgary and other Canadian cities, over the next few weeks, LSI will be visiting Baltimore Maryland, Singapore and Malaysia.

But more interestingly, for 2011, we are organizing the European Lean Tour as an alternative to our popular Japan Lean Tour. The Japan Lean Tour will continue to be offered in spring and fall of next year.

Students in our Master Blackbelt program have visited Europe in previous years. Now for the first time, we have made tentative plans to offer this lean tour as an Executive Certification Program from May 9 to 13th.

Included in the tour will be visits to the Porsche and BMW factories in Germany, as well as a factory tour to Lamborghini in Italy (assuming that we can get into all of these locations). 

The tour highlights include:

- Porsche Museum and Porsche Factory Tour, Stuttgart
- Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart
- BMW Museum and BMW Factory Tour, Munich
- Lamborghini Museum and Lamborghini Factory Tour, Italy
- Optional city tour Florence, Italy

For those who love to learn by actually seeing and experiencing a "lean" plant, you will be amazed at how lean these places are. In particular, we were surprised by the number of lean practices in place at the low-volume Lamborghini factory. On our last trip to Lamborghini, we had the privilege of meeting the nephew of the Lamgorghini founder. We'll do our best to arrange this meeting again.

For many of us, this was one of those special moments in life - particularly if you love cars!

Last year, I wrote a short article about my experience at the BMW museum and factory. Here's some information on that article.

BMW Germany Visit Article

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