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Monday, April 25, 2016

Toronto Greenbelt Module 2

To recap last week, things went well as the Greenbelts in Toronto were introduced to the Value Stream Mapping exercise and were able to implement their plans in the Kaizen.

Greenbelts at work in the E.D. Smith Foods facility.

Feeling good at Meridian Credit Union!
Keep up the good work everyone! We will see you very soon in Module 3.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Greenbelt Service 2 Vancouver Spring 2016 Kick-off!

Greenbelt Service 2 Spring kicked off this week. Scroll through to see all the team building exercises they got up to over the past couple days. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Japan Lean Tour Day 4 Report

April 14th, Thursday

Day 4 - Toyota Day

It was the last day of the plant tours. In the morning, we have visited Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. Preserving and utilizing the old factory and industrial heritage at the birthplace of Toyota, this facility was established by the 13 Toyota Group companies. Centered on textiles and automobiles, the site introduces the industrial and technological revolutions through real machines and moving exhibits.

After having a authentic Japanese meal at lunch, the last place we went was Toyota Motomachi Plant and Toyota Kaikan, where you get to see the robots that plays the violin, the latest Toyoya models and the concept cars. 


Breaking News: Japan Earthquake Update

We are saddened with the news that Japan has been hit again with a major earthquake of scale 6.5 several hours ago, the largest one since the 2011 earthquake. However we did want to let you know that all 35 of us are doing fine here in Nagoya as the quake was centred far away in southern Japan. Our hearts are with those who lost their homes or have been injured (the photo is downtown Nagoya where it's undisturbed).  Updates can be seen at

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Japan Lean Tour Day 3 Report

April 13th, Wednesday

Day 3 of the Japan Lean tour is the very special but busy day!

Starting with a very early departure to Tokyo train station to hop on the Shinkansen, the bullet train, to travel about 350 km in less than 2 hours to Iwata city, the city widely known as the headquarters of the Yamaha motor.

When in Japan, do what Japanese do!

Yamaha Motor is a Japanese manufacture of motorcycles and marine products.

Test driving a PAS, a bicycle where the rider's pedaling is assisted by a small electric motor.

In the afternoon, Mitsubishi Electric was our host. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Japan Lean Tour - Day 2 Report

April 12th, Tuesday

Japan Lean Tour participants are here to learn not only how "Lean thinking" is implemented at manufacturing sites in Japan but also how it is in Japanese culture and people's mindset.

Day 2 of the Japan Lean Tour started with this cultural experience at Asakusa where there is a famous Buddhist temple named Senso-ji.

Then we've moved to Ichikawa City in Chiba prefecture to visit Toyota Logistics and Forklift Customers center

Monday, April 11, 2016

Japan Lean Tour - Day 1 Report

April 11th, Monday

Japan Lean Tour 2016 Spring has officially launched today with two amazing Nissan Factory Tours in Kanagawa Prefecture. 

Factory tour #1: Nissan Oppama Plant, where you get to see both gasoline vehicles such as Juke, Cube and the electronic vehicle LEAF are being assembled on the same assembly line.

Factory tour #2: Nissan Yokohama Engine Plant, where 12 % of the Nissan engines are built.

It, in fact, is a very special plant to visit with the fact being one and only plant to produce the VR Engines for GT-R.

Can you guess how many people are authorized to build the very special GT-R engines in the world? 

The answer is 5!!!

Only 5 people in the world are trained to hand craft the VR engines for Nissan GT-R at this temperature/air pressure controlled clean room, at this particular plant! 

These craftsmen are called "Takumi", meaning "Master Craftsman"

Today, we were so fortunate to have a chance to meet the leader of Takumi, whose first name is also Takumi during the plant tour. Thank  you Takumi-san for sharing your passion with us!

And, of course, the 1st FLASH MOB!!! 

Stay with us for daily reports from the Lean Country, Japan!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pre-Japan Lean Tour activity at Lexus

Our pre-Japan trip kicked off went smoothly with a special VIP treatment at Lexus! We were spoiled eating freshly-seared grade A tuna and being served sparkling water from the mountain river...all while getting an in depth tour of the Lexus facilities in famous Omote Sando area.