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Monday, January 26, 2015

First Greenbelt Kick-Off in 2015

Our first Greenbelt of the year - Greenbelt Operations Vancouver Winter session has been successfully kicked off today!

Here are some pictures of the first day of the program:

Participants were trying to make the best "Egg Drop" designs

Lean Sensei Coach, Bob Low was testing the designs to see which team did the best

Group photo of the winning team

Group photo of the class

Keep on eye out for more updates with this group! 

More information about our upcoming Greenbelt and other Lean programs can be found on our Lean Sensei Website

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Europe Lean Tour is coming up in May

While Lean Sensei is most known for its much-talked-about Japan Lean Tour program, did you know that we also conduct benchmarking trips to Germany, and Italy?  In fact, the Europe Lean Tour - which will tour Stuttgart and Munich in Germany, and Florence in Italy - is happening in May of this year.  The tour will visit some of the best lean factories in Europe, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini and even the million-dollar-plus, hand-crafted Pagani factory.

It's considered to be one of the most exclusive tours that we do, because we will have an access to some of the top lean talents in the world.

The Europe Lean Tour is also a "standard module" for our Master Blackbelt Program, and therefore our newest Master Blackbelts will be travelling with us to Europe as well.

Here are some of the photos from last year's Europe program:

Lean Sensei's legendary Blackbelt program is ready to start soon

One of our most advanced lean certification program is the Blackbelt program, in which participants learn "leading edge" lean materials designed to create world-class lean leaders.

Constantly updated since its launch in 2002, LSI's Blackbelt is the most respected lean program in North America and is now considered the standard in this industry. Unlike other classroom-based courses, LSI's Blackbelt focus 80% of its session on hands-on kaizen and strategy development.

Furthermore, the Blackbelt program includes the benchmark trip to Japan where we visit the "best of best" such as Toyota factory, Nissan factory, and Toyota Forklift customer service center, to name some.  LSI is the only organization in the world that includes a trip to Japan as part of the standard curriculum.  We have already taken more than 500 people to Japan.

Our next Blackbelt program starts on February 2, so keep an eye on the blog to see updates about what the Blackbelts are accomplishing.

Please contact us for further details as our Blackbelt program is often sold out many weeks in advance.

Lean Sensei transforms people and organizations all around the world

We are very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the word, but LSI is also thankful to have the opportunity to visit many other amazing cities in the world. Here are some of the best photos taken by David Chao as he and his team travels to teach the concepts of lean thinking.  Over the next several months, LSI is going to Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, Nagoya, Germany, Italy, Calgary, Toronto, and Florida, just to name some of the locations we are involved in.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Reflection for 2015 and beyond

LSI's president David Chao talks about life and why "moving forward" is the most important principle to live by .... Perhaps it's time to "reflect forward" instead of just thinking about the past.  Moving forward with inspiration and passion for life is what David believes personally and professionally. 

The video is only about 3 minutes long but there is additional 3 minutes footage of the actual sunset David filmed in Hawaii following his speech - an inspirational "screensaver" that may help you to reflect on David's moving forward principle.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Testimonials from 2014 Greenbelt Participants

Happy New Year!

2014 was a great success for Lean Sensei! We have received lots of positive feedback from program participants throughout the year. Below are a few testimonials from our 2014 Greenbelt graduates.

"Valuable lessons that I can use to help my company and others be successful by following the Lean principles"

"Lean Sensei has introduced Lean and Lean tools through practical and theory, it has allowed me to see and learn the effectiveness of Lean principles."

"This program puts you outside your comfort zone, arms you with tools and strategies, and then forces you to think outside the box. You come away understanding not only your business better and where it can go, but also yourself."

"Trust the process. It works."

"What differentiates Lean Sensei's Greenbelt and makes it much more powerful than my company's internal program is that every concept is paired with actual implementation at a host company, not just classroom simulations. The coaches guide us through this and help us reflect on it so we are better equipped to implement and make a difference in our own companies."

"The people make such as big impact. I truly want to thank you my fellow classmates and instructors (Andrew, Bob, Hilda and Jake) for making this a memorable Lean Journey."

"Lean Sensei's approach to training is very straightforward and FUN. I have truly walked away with an entirely different mindset and understanding of what and how to look at a company and business. I look forward to help ingrain a culture of continuous improvement at my work place."

We would like to say thank you to all sponsors and participants for making a successful year for Lean Sensei! 2015 is going to be another exciting year. We have a number of Greenbelt programs this year across Canada and the U.S. Check our calendar for course dates and you can register online at