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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lean 101 Workshop

This week we rounded up another successful Lean workshop that was presented by our president. This Lean 101 training workshop introduced the core concepts of Lean thinking to a leading financial institution in an engaging and fun-filled manner. The content was customized to fit the needs of a large-scale wealth management organization by placing more emphasis on:

  • Leadership
  • Reduction of waste
  • Customer Value
  • Teamwork
These concepts were introduced in team games, open discussions and the mutual sharing of knowledge. Here are some of the pictures: 

"Narrow your field of vision and aim for a goal"

Stay tuned for more updates on this group!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

In-House Greenbelt Service Graduation in South San Francisco

Lean Sensei International is proud to announce another successful completion of the In-house Greenbelt program at one of the world's leading biotechnology companies based in South San Francisco. As we congratulate 25 participants who are now the certified Greenbelt graduates, we think of ourselves as being very fortunate to be a part of their lean journey that could influence each of us.

Lean is an area that involves all of us and pertains to all fields and specializations. Lean for the Future of Medicine: Read more

Below are some pictures of the graduation day:

The medalists, Gabe (Bronze), Krystal (Gold), Alexis (Silver) with the Blackbelt, Marvin and our coach, Bob.

For more information on our Greenbelt program, go to Lean Sensei Website, or call 604-264-1000

Thursday, May 21, 2015

In-House Greenbelt in Vancouver

This week we kicked off an in-house Greenbelt program in Vancouver! This group is from a well known BC-based company which sells outdoor equipment and clothing. 

Our coach, Jake was leading the team to engage in lots of activities and discussions to get them excited and ready for their lean journey! 

Here are some photos of the group:

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Greenbelt Hybrid Summer Module 1 Kaizen

More photos of our Greenbelt Hybrid Summer team doing Kaizen at the hosting company. Looks like they really are having fun there!

Blackbelt Graduation Day

Congratulations to all the blackbelts who successfully completed their challenging journey to become true lean leaders!  Let us share this memorable moments here in Lean Sensei blog.

We really appreciate a large amount of time and effort everyone put into this program. Here are the three medalists of this group.

(From left to right) Andrew, Gold medalist-Michael Lutu, Silver medalist- Peter Post, Bronze medalist-Amy Medley and David

You all are now the certified Blackbelts!

A big thank you to one of the sponsors, Mike for flying into Vancouver for this special celebration!

For more information about the Blackbelt and other programs Lean Sensei offers, go to

In-House Greenbelts of Pennsylvania Graduate!

Congratulations to the new Greenbelt Graduates! Thank you for your amazing energy and wonderful teamwork. We hope that what you've learnt throughout this program can help propel you into becoming even better leaders --"Go Transform the World!"

The medalists (left to right):
Joseph (Silver)
Marty (Gold)
Joshua (Bronze)

For more information on our Greenbelt programs, be sure to check our website, calendar, or call 604-264-1000.