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Friday, July 31, 2015

Vancouver Lean Benchmarking Tour 2015 - Day 2

On the last day of the Vancouver Lean Benchmarking Tour, we visited Ideon Packaging and First West Credit Union.

Ideon Packaging is an established company based in Richmond, BC that provides a variety of packaging services. Mike Nunn, the Operations Team Leader presented at the beginning of the tour and showed the group around at the production plant. Take a look!

Our last stop of the tour was First West Credit Union. First West is the third-largest credit union in BC. Envision Financial, Valley First, Enderby & District Financial and Island Savings operate as divisions of First West. Neil Brown, Director of Operational Partnerships was the key presenter of the day and several team members showed the group how Lean methodologies have been effectively applied in their organization.

A big thank you to all our hosts for sharing their Lean journey and experience with the group! The tour would not be successful without their effort and support.

To inquire about our programs, please contact or 604-264-1000.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vancouver Lean Benchmarking Tour 2015 - Day 1

Today we successfully kicked off the Vancouver Lean Benchmarking Tour of 2015. The tour gives participants the opportunity to see first-hand how Lean methodologies and tools are applied in companies of all sizes and in different industries that are publicly recognized as a successful Lean facilitator.

The first stop of the tour was British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), one of BC's largest post-secondary institutions, and then we ended the day by visiting Alpha Technologies Ltd, a leading manufacturer of power solutions for the Telecom, Traffic, Security, Industrial and Renewable Energy industries. 

 Presenter at BCIT: Dave Cresswell, Director of Strategic Practices & Continuous Service Improvement as well as current LSI Master Blackbelt candidate
 BCIT staff member was explaining how Lean is applied in the organization

Presentation at Alpha Technologies

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Master Blackbelt Fishing Day

Last week Lean Sensei President - David Chao took the Master Blackbelt group fishing on a beautiful day near Gabriola Island. That was an incredible team building experience for the group and everyone was able to catch at least one fish. Take a look at their big accomplishments!   

What a fulfilling day

Dave Cresswell (Master Blackbelt candidate) caught a giant ling cod

Our coach Bob Low 

David Chao, Lean Sensei President as well as fishing expert

Darryl Minty (Master Blackbelt candidate) caught a snapper

 Colin Jones (Master Blackbelt candidate) caught a salmon

Our Master Blackbelt Kaikaku Certification Program is the most advanced and experiential program Lean Sensei offers. It is as if the participants are going through an actual internship or apprenticeship with our coaches in a real world environment. Master Blackbelt candidates work side-by-side with our coaches, including David Chao to deliver real solutions to live projects conducted throughout this 7-module program. To enrolling in the Master Blackbelt Program, participants are required to complete Lean Sensei Blackbelt Takumi Certification Program as a pre-requisite. Please visit our website to learn more about our Blackbelt and Master Blackbelt Programs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Graduation Speech - Greenbelt Hybrid Vancouver Summer 2015

I would also like to share the wonderful graduation speech made by Mary Ann & Art!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Greenbelt Hybrid Vancouver Summer 2015 Graduation Movie

Below is the Graduation Movie of our Greenbelt Hybrid Summer class. It records the rememberable moments of the class during the past three months.

Special thank you to our Movie Director (Mary Ann) and Assistant Movie Directors (Kevin & Brent).

lean greenbelt movie final July 2015 - Greenbelt Hybrid Vancouver Summer 2015 from Lean Sensei on Vimeo.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Congratulations! Greenbelt Hybrid Summer Participants!

A very big congratulations to all of you! Today you become true Lean Champions.
I believe you all have some valuable takeaways from this class, not only knowledge, but also friendship, fun... We are impressed by your hard word and wonderful achievements. Thank you Mary Ann, Art, Kevin and Brent for the most amazing grad speech and movie. 
You guys are so energetic and fun to be around. We are proud of you all. 
All of us here at Lean Sensei wish you a bright future!! Let’s go transform the world! Hai!

                         Medalists: Art Gold (Gold), Kevin Li (Bronze), Mary Ann Tai (Silver)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Training on the Boat with LSI

Lean Sensei decided to train on the boat under the sun last week, sailing from Granville Island to Coal Harbour. The girls were actually able to catch a baby shark and a flounder from some impromptu fishing on the way back! Take a look.

We are lucky that the weather has been so great this Summer!