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Monday, July 27, 2015

Master Blackbelt Fishing Day

Last week Lean Sensei President - David Chao took the Master Blackbelt group fishing on a beautiful day near Gabriola Island. That was an incredible team building experience for the group and everyone was able to catch at least one fish. Take a look at their big accomplishments!   

What a fulfilling day

Dave Cresswell (Master Blackbelt candidate) caught a giant ling cod

Our coach Bob Low 

David Chao, Lean Sensei President as well as fishing expert

Darryl Minty (Master Blackbelt candidate) caught a snapper

 Colin Jones (Master Blackbelt candidate) caught a salmon

Our Master Blackbelt Kaikaku Certification Program is the most advanced and experiential program Lean Sensei offers. It is as if the participants are going through an actual internship or apprenticeship with our coaches in a real world environment. Master Blackbelt candidates work side-by-side with our coaches, including David Chao to deliver real solutions to live projects conducted throughout this 7-module program. To enrolling in the Master Blackbelt Program, participants are required to complete Lean Sensei Blackbelt Takumi Certification Program as a pre-requisite. Please visit our website to learn more about our Blackbelt and Master Blackbelt Programs.

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