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Monday, May 25, 2015

In-House Greenbelt Service Graduation in South San Francisco

Lean Sensei International is proud to announce another successful completion of the In-house Greenbelt program at one of the world's leading biotechnology companies based in South San Francisco. As we congratulate 25 participants who are now the certified Greenbelt graduates, we think of ourselves as being very fortunate to be a part of their lean journey that could influence each of us.

Lean is an area that involves all of us and pertains to all fields and specializations. Lean for the Future of Medicine: Read more

Below are some pictures of the graduation day:

The medalists, Gabe (Bronze), Krystal (Gold), Alexis (Silver) with the Blackbelt, Marvin and our coach, Bob.

For more information on our Greenbelt program, go to Lean Sensei Website, or call 604-264-1000

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