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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lean Sensei's legendary Blackbelt program is ready to start soon

One of our most advanced lean certification program is the Blackbelt program, in which participants learn "leading edge" lean materials designed to create world-class lean leaders.

Constantly updated since its launch in 2002, LSI's Blackbelt is the most respected lean program in North America and is now considered the standard in this industry. Unlike other classroom-based courses, LSI's Blackbelt focus 80% of its session on hands-on kaizen and strategy development.

Furthermore, the Blackbelt program includes the benchmark trip to Japan where we visit the "best of best" such as Toyota factory, Nissan factory, and Toyota Forklift customer service center, to name some.  LSI is the only organization in the world that includes a trip to Japan as part of the standard curriculum.  We have already taken more than 500 people to Japan.

Our next Blackbelt program starts on February 2, so keep an eye on the blog to see updates about what the Blackbelts are accomplishing.

Please contact us for further details as our Blackbelt program is often sold out many weeks in advance.

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