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Monday, April 11, 2016

Japan Lean Tour - Day 1 Report

April 11th, Monday

Japan Lean Tour 2016 Spring has officially launched today with two amazing Nissan Factory Tours in Kanagawa Prefecture. 

Factory tour #1: Nissan Oppama Plant, where you get to see both gasoline vehicles such as Juke, Cube and the electronic vehicle LEAF are being assembled on the same assembly line.

Factory tour #2: Nissan Yokohama Engine Plant, where 12 % of the Nissan engines are built.

It, in fact, is a very special plant to visit with the fact being one and only plant to produce the VR Engines for GT-R.

Can you guess how many people are authorized to build the very special GT-R engines in the world? 

The answer is 5!!!

Only 5 people in the world are trained to hand craft the VR engines for Nissan GT-R at this temperature/air pressure controlled clean room, at this particular plant! 

These craftsmen are called "Takumi", meaning "Master Craftsman"

Today, we were so fortunate to have a chance to meet the leader of Takumi, whose first name is also Takumi during the plant tour. Thank  you Takumi-san for sharing your passion with us!

And, of course, the 1st FLASH MOB!!! 

Stay with us for daily reports from the Lean Country, Japan!

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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