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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lean Thinking Applied to Daily Life

Lean Thinking is not just a business tool, it is a culture, a way of life. Here are some examples of Lean at home from the Lean community.

1. Bedroom Closet – Turn all your hangers so that they face in the same direction. Upon returning a piece of clothing to your closet, face this hanger the opposite way. This will visually track which pieces of clothing you actually wear. In six months, you can donate the clothing on the hangers that have not been turned because you have visible proof you don't wear them.

2. Refrigerator - Compartmentalize, organize and group similar food items so that all items in your fridge are visible. No one likes discovering rotten produce or unnecessarily buying another bottle of ketchup.

3. Kitchen Drawers – Stack plates using adjustable dividers to organize your cupboard or drawer into a Lean one.

4. Workbench – Make a shadow board for your tools and be resourceful with your work area. Store project wood by size in your workbench.

5. Mail – Don't procrastinate. Sort your mail as soon as you receive it by using labeled containers, for example one for bills and one for junk mail (also known as the recycle box). Then you can pay your bills in one sweep.

6. Bathroom Baskets - Eliminate "Waste of Movement." Keep your towels where you use them, in the bathroom.

7. Keys, Phone, Wallet - Keep your three essentials in the same box close to your door (addresses Waste of Movement) so that you won't forget them and waste time looking for them (not convinced? Draw a spaghetti diagram of your morning routine).

From the Lean community: Power of Productivity 

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