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Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's Your L.E.A.N. Score?

Members of the Lean Sensei team were onsite last week working with a company that is going through a Lean Diagnostic Assessment.  

Strategy Session
The Lean Assessment is a rigorous process that results in a ‘snapshot’ of at what stage of maturity a company is with regard to their Lean activities.  Members of the company’s senior management and Leadership teams joined Lean Sensei practitioners in arriving at an all-important L.E.A.N. Score which provides a baseline from which to set targets and plan next steps in the Lean Roadmap.

Lean Sensei team members joined the Executive Leadership team in an intensive Lean Strategy session that involved an in-depth examination of the current competitive environment, crafting new vision, value statements and setting the stage for future growth.


Ice Breaker in between heavy analysis during the assessment
Team building and friendly competition

This company is ready to let Lean soar!

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