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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Makes a Good Leader?

If you've saw the article that was posted on LinkedIn entitled "The Best Leaders Do.. Nothing" you might have been puzzled/intrigued by the title. Effective leaders lead rather than micromanage. The leader's role is to always have a hand on the pulse of the organization but have a full picture view. The primary "doers" are the employees entrusted to do their part to improving the organization while developing themselves.

This philosophy is parallel to Lean Sensei's underlying goal in our lean certification programs. The Greenbelt Mugen Certification equip employees to teach, facilitate, lead and implement lean activities. The program also requires the participant to develop vital leadership skills as Greenbelts become the leaders of lean within the organization.

This week is the last week of our Summer Hybrid Greenbelt Mugen program and then another group of lean leaders will be graduated! The week will wrap up with final presentations and final exams. And then of course, we will celebrate properly.

If you are curious about lean and our programs, contact us at or 604-264-1000. You can take a guest seat at this Greenbelt's closing ceremonies.

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