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Friday, November 21, 2014

Greenbelt Service Vancouver Fall 2014 Graduation

Our second last program of 2014 has finished! Each Greenbelt graduated with flying colors, even amongst the rainy Vancouver backdrop.
It's obvious to see the changes that have occurred in the group through the three modules through a combination of perseverance, teamwork, camaraderie, and value stream mapping!

In recognition of the top performers of the class, three medals were presented to the group. These awards are cumulative and look at the overall performance throughout all three modules. The criteria for the awards include:
-Teamwork & Leadership in Kaizens and group activities
-Project achievements & total cost savings
-Overall transformation over the three modules
-Final Presentation
-Final Exam score
Medalists: Tyler (Bronze), Deborah (Gold), Marcie (Silver)

We had to seek shelter from the pouring rain to take our final group photo together:

Tyler and Deborah lead the Greenbelts with a rousing Lean version of the American and Canadian National Anthem! We have some great harmony in this group:

This is the last local Greenbelt program of the year. The next round of programs starts in January 2015. Please see our calendar on our website here for dates, and contact our team at 604-264-1000 or at Hai-ya!

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