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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blackbelt Lean Supply Chain

This week is the Lean Supply Chain module for Blackbelt Spring 2015. This module provides an advanced level of training covering various aspects of the entire supply chain system (from purchasing, planning, distribution to operations management). This module is also available as a stand-alone executive program.  

One of the key highlights of yesterday's Blackbelt class was the heijunka "grocery store shopping" simulation. Heijunka means "load leveling" in Japanese, is a term used to describe an ideal state when the supply and demand are in continuous balance. This heijunka simulation provides participants insights into how heijunka system works and how that can be applied to the supply chain model. 

More updates to follow with the group!

We are now accepting registrations for the Blackbelt Fall program. Blackbelt is only held twice a year, so secure your spot now:

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