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Monday, April 20, 2015

Japan Lean Tour Day 4 Report

Today's entry was submitted by Mr. Fabio Doninelli, a guest on our Executive Tour.
We boarded the bus at 8:40am.
During the trip comments were made from each member of the Blackbelt tour on Lean achievements in their own companies.
Then, the first stop of the day was Mitsubishi Electric.  
After a short presentation we had a nice walkthrough of the facility.
Mitsubishi represented a Different type of facility so far: less of a mass production type of factory, more of a smaller amount production type of facility.  Therefore more human labor was involved. 
My first observation was that there were more detailed Visual boards at Mitsubishi compared to other companies we had visited on the tour.
We followed that up with a Nice lunch in a typical traditional Japanese restaurant called "Kisoji"
Our second company visit of the day was at Toyota Motor Corporation.
The plant we toured had an impressive level of automation - up to 96%!!
Toyota are are aiming to be the most Environmentally Considerate Plant in the Industry.
Our third visit was to the Toyota Kaikan exhibition Space at Toyota's headquarters. Where we were able to view all of the latest models, including the new full-cell vehicle, the MIRAI.
We finished up the day with a nice dinner with all of the participants.

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