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Friday, January 27, 2017

Upcoming Lean Programs/Tours 2017

New year has started and we are excited to announce are upcoming Programs and Lean Tours in 2017!!

Please see below for details for each programs and tours.

Our first Service Greenbelt started January 23rd!! How exciting.

A three-module course that provides basic, intermediate and some advanced knowledge and experience in Lean....

Following are our additional upcoming Greenbelt dates!

Vancouver Winter 2017
Module 1: 5S February 27th-March 3th
Module 2: Cycle Time Reduction March 27th - 31st
Module 3: Lean Office Kaizen April 24th - 28th

Greenbelt-Hybrid  Vancouver Spring 2017 Module 1: 5S March 20th - 24th
Module 2: Cycle Time Reduction April 17th - April 21st
Module 3: Value Innovation May 15th - May 19th

Greenbelt-Hybrid  Vancouver Summer 2017 Module 1: 5S May 8th - May 12th
Module 2: Cycle Time Reduction June 5th- June 9th
Module 3: Value Innovation July 10th - 14th

Fall dates - TBA

Our popular Blackbelt for Spring is coming up shortly and have filled up right away!

The Blackbelt Takumi program offers outstanding experiences to advance one's knowledge and capability to the next level of Lean...

For those who are interested attending our Blackbelt Fall, please see below for the dates.
Vancouver Fall 2017
Module 1: Lean Strategy and Assessment  September 11th-15th
Module 2: Lean Supply Chain  October 2nd -  6th
Module 3: Japan Benchmarking Tour October 30th - November 3rd
Module 4: Extreme Makeover December 4th - 8th

Europe Benchmarking Tour
Dates: May 29th - June 2nd

While Lean Sensei is most known for its much-talked-about Japan Lean Tour program, did you know that we also conduct benchmarking trips to Germany, and Italy?  In fact, the Europe Lean Tour - which will tour Stuttgart and Munich in Germany, and Florence in Italy - is happening in May of this year.  The tour will visit some of the best lean factories in Europe, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini and even the million-dollar-plus, hand-crafted Pagani factory.

It's considered to be one of the most exclusive tours that we do, because we will have an access to some of the top lean talents in the world.

The Europe Lean Tour is also a "standard module" for our Master Blackbelt Program, and therefore our newest Master Blackbelts will be travelling with us to Europe as well.

Here are some of the photos from previous year's Europe program:

Florida Lean Tour
Dates:November 13th - February 15th

Not many people know that there is a Lean City right here on our continent. This unassuming city is none other than Jacksonville, Florida. Lean Sensei has specifically chosen to showcase six organizations for the Florida Benchmarking Tour. These companies demonstrate the possibilities when companies make the investment to pursue lean. Attendees of this tour have the opportunity to see first-hand how lean is applied in a wide array of industries.

Please contact Angelia Aizawa for more details of each programs!

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