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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Upcoming Lean Programs/Tours 2017 Pt2

Japan Tour Bench Marking Tour 2017
Spring Dates: April 17th - April 21st
Fall Dates: October 30th - November 3rd

The Japan Lean tour is intentionally designed to provide both educational and
cultural exposure to Japan through various plant tours and historical sites. Tours
are arranged with such big hitters as Toyota and its suppliers, but also with smaller
players that can showcase different levels of Lean implementation.

Japan Lean program members were challenged to perform a Flashmob dance in a busy tourist district in Tokyo! The purpose of doing the Flashmob is to let our program members step out of their comfort zone and be comfortable with themselves in different cultures and situations.

Here is the clip from 2015!!!

Florida Lean Benchmarking Tour 2017
Dates: November 13th - November 15th

There is no better way to understand the power of Lean than to see it in action. The Florida Lean Benchmarking Tour has been designed for those who wish to update and benchmark their knowledge in Lean.

You can check out our Jacksonville Florida Lean Benchmarking Tour - February 2015 !!

Please contact Angelia Aizawa for more information !!

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