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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Change Management Question

What about change management?  Does lean and change management go hand-in-hand in your company?  Here are some questions to consider:

• Management mindset – is the management (senior decision makers) “well connected” with the rest of the organization? Do they understand the needs and wants of the people working below them? Do they come across as positive thinkers, full of energy?

• Staff attitude – are the rest of staff (general staff who are not executives) members generally optimistic or skeptical about changes taking place within the company? Do they believe in the people working around them and therefore convey a “can do” attitude?

• Shop floor/employee viewpoints – do the shop floor or office employees believe in changes taking place within the company? Do they support with positive attitude or are they skeptical about the future of the company?

• Positive Culture – has the company created a positive environment that is unique to this organization? Is there culture that inspires teamwork and encourages changes that lead to long-lasting positive impact?

• Reward & Recognition Programs – does the company have a formal program designed to reward positive, process-enhancing behaviors and recognize those who makes things happen? Do they provide incentives and rewards that are consistent and fair?

• Roles & Responsibilities – are the roles and responsibilities of each employee clear, consistent, and understandable?

• Agility & Adaptability – would you consider your company to be agile and adaptable to changing environment, regardless of whether the changes are internal or external? Do they respond quickly to these changes in a positive way?

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