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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blackbelt Graduation

Congratulations to our 2010 Spring Blackbelt graduates!  They have successfully completed the three-month long Blackbelt program. 

More photos can be seen below:

Blackbelt Graduation Spring 2010

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Greg Cameron said...

I had a great time doing all three modules with this great group of people.
I have been in manufacturing for 16 years; mostly automotive and have done a lot of training, some by choice others not so much. In that training there has been Six Sigma, Lean, etc. but I can truly can say that this is the best 'hands on' and most practical training you will find anywhere. There is a good mix of theory and classroom, but the best part is the 'doing' aspect. You are given the tools and then entrusted to go into organizations and make change albeit with just the right amount of guidance throughout.
You will develop your lean tool box in ways you never thought possible, you will grow comfortable in leading AND following, you will develop your presentation skills and last of all you might gain a couple pounds because the food is good too!!!
There are no short cuts, there is nothing easy about the modules but the through the guidance of your peers and LSI the steps are there, you just have to do them and you and your company will be all the richer for it.
Congrats to all the people in this program, your pretty top shelf!