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Friday, July 9, 2010


For early part of 2010, LSI focused on "Go Lean" theme - no doubt influenced by our passion for the Olympic here in Vancouver (where the theme was "Go World"). But now that the Olympic is over, perhaps it's time to look at the concept of "Go Lean" from a different perspective.

So I was thinking that maybe it's "Live Lean." but with the focus on "lean" portion, which means that the phrase should really say "Live LEAN" (where lean is in capitals). The idea here is that applying lean thinking and lean principles has to go well beyond the methodologies and system we often talk about....because we really have to breath, live, and endorse lean in all we do in our lives if we were to become true lean believers and lean evangelists.

So what do you think?  Does "Live LEAN" makes sense to you?  Do you like the idea?  Let us know, because we may just surprise you by designing a "Live LEAN" T-shirt if enough people show interest. We might even give some away.

While you are thinking, download these Live LEAN wallpapers and enjoy!

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