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Friday, April 13, 2012

Greenbelt Service Vancouver Winter: Graduation

We are excited to announce the formal graduation of our Greenbelt class!  13 people worked extremely hard to achieve this amazing goal of becoming certified as a Greenbelt on Friday April 13th. Congratulations!
We greatly appreciate your hard work!

Our LSI coach, Andrew McFadyen, spent the week with them for their final module. We wish them all the best on their lean journey ahead!

Grad Speech (Debra) : Great job! You are definitely good at the public speech!!
Grad Speech (Paul) : Great Job!! You put every body's hard work together!! Much appreciated. 

A few words from the sponsor.  Thank you for the support!
Guest Speech: Thank you very much for the support & dedication!

Congratulations for three Medalists, Satvir, Paul and Stephanie!!

Check out their Grad Movie!! It's such a Great Work!!

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