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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winnipeg is Green

From West to East the nation is going Lean. This week is the first week of the first Greenbelt program in Winnipeg this year.

Below each team is proudly showcasing their inventions- an apparatus constructed entirely of a limited number of plastic straws and an arm's length of tape. The apparatus must protect a raw egg on impact. I'm happy to say we didn't have much cleaning up to do. Great job teams!

Next, the class will be challeged with a 5S kaizen and we will accept no less than a 20% improvement. Do you think you can you handle it.

Winnipeg is a little too far for you? That's alright, chances are we have a Greenbelt class near you.
Upcoming Greenbelt Programs:

Vancouver (Service) - January 28, 2013
Calgary (Hybrid) - February 25, 2013
Vancouver (Operations) - April 8, 2013
Toronto (Hybrid) - April 15, 2013
Winnipeg (Hybrid) - April 23, 2013

Register online today.

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