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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Florida Lean Tour Starts in Less Than 24 Hours

The Florida Lean Tour for this year commences tomorrow!

Here's what our participants had to say last year:

I was so inspired and energized seeing how the Lean principles can be applied to improve products, service and offerings.

Success = Continuous improvement.

Traditional methods, will get you traditional results.

Often Lean is more about what you don't see, as it is about what you can see.

A good variety of companies providing a well round perspective of Lean with in the North American context.
You can still join North American tours happening this year in San Francisco and Vancouver and fill your Executive credits too:
San Francisco - July 22-23
Vancouver - November 26-27

Watch the video for a summary on how a North American Benchmarking Tour will help you:

Register online at
Email ( or call us at (604) 264-1000 for more information.

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