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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blackbelts Learn to Lean Supply Chains

This month, the Blackbelts completed the Supply Chain module. In this module, the Blackbelts mastered the Supply Chain control tool heijunka (level loading or production smoothing). Heijunka is pivotal in that the goal is to level work schedules and create a system of continuous flow, pull and minimal inventory. As such, Greenbelt concepts such as Kanban, standardized work and the ever essential Value Stream Maps also come into play. Read Executive Coach Andrew's article on Pull.

Blackbelt certification is only available twice a year, the next session will commence in the Fall:

Lean Strategy & Lean Assessment Module (Vancouver) - Sep 16-20
Lean Supply Chain Module (Vancouver)  - Oct 7-11
Japan Lean Tour (*Date Subject to Change) - Nov 11-14
Extreme Makeover Kaizen Module (Vancouver) - Dec 9-13

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Great company you have. best wishes.

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