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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Share Wealth to Bring More Wealth

During the cycle-time reduction of Lean Sensei's Winter Greenbelt program this year, our hosting company experienced an immediate savings of $135,000 with continued return on investment of $500,000 per month, in other words $6 million per year.

This is only isolated to the single 3-day kaizen event conducted by the Greenbelt class. Furthermore, often times continuous improvement is limited to internal supply chains. How many of your suppliers, distributors or clients are Lean? Imagine the ROI if your external supply chains were also onboard with Lean and could work more coherently with you.

Though the companies you work with to bring your customers value may not be ready to commit to Greenbelt, you can get them started with Lean Sensei's public Lean 101 workshop.

Lean 101 is a single day event that will give the companies in your external supply chain the foundation in Lean to work more seamlessly with you.

Your first opportunity is April 22, 2013
Group discounts are available. To register go to

For more information email
Or call the Lean Sensei office at 604-264-1000

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