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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blackbelt Graduation - Spring 2013

The much awaited results from this Spring's Blackbelts, drumroll, please.

This class achieved a total savings of $9,958,645. This is the sum of all the individual projects including onsite kaizen blitz.

More photos on Lean Sensei's Facebook page:

The 3 medalists (left to right: Domenic left, Rainey, Mike right)

Executive Leanbelt attendee, Peter Wong achieves Lean Leader Executive Leanbelt certification

Guess who??
Lean Sensei's President and Master Coach, David Chao and Lean Coach, Jake Cameron offer an inspirational speech but also have a little fun at the graduation ceremony

Blackbelt graduating class of Spring 2013

The Lean Sensei team (left to right): Jessie, David, Andrew, Jake and Sarah

Each module the Blackbelts must create a movie summary of the module. Here is the video for the Japan trip module, where the Blackbelts see firsthand what Lean looks like in action both in industry and in daily life.

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