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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Best of Both Worlds

This Summer, we are offering a Hybrid version of Greenbelt. The Hybrid course is a combination of both Operations and Service Greenbelt programs.

This version of Greenbelt is ideal for all levels and industries, and is especially useful to those in manager level positions need to know the tactile applications of Lean but also need to understand how Lean on the shop floor feeds into applying Lean in processes that involve many customer touch points.

Below are some photos from the morning of the first day where the class is learning the foundational elements of how Lean came to be from a weaving loom in Japan to a world recognized business model.

Our classes always have team building and educational ice breakers. Lean Sensei's famous egg dropping ice breaker requires each team in the Greenbelt class to design an apparatus to protect a raw egg from the impact of a six foot fall. With only limited resources and a strict time limit, the class learns a fundamental quality of Lean. With a little creativity, you can do more than you think with what you have, without sacrificing quality.

No photo album would be complete without a group shot or two or three...

The next Greenbelt courses will be separated into Operations specific and Service specific. Both courses are scheduled for the Fall and are available in three cities:

FALL 2013
Greenbelt for Operations VANCOUVER FALL 20133 modulesVancouver
Module 1Sep 9-135 daysVancouver
Module 2Sep 30-Oct 45 daysVancouver
Module 3Oct 28-Nov 1 5 daysVancouver
Greenbelt for Service VANCOUVER FALL 20133 modulesVancouver
Module 1Sep 23-275 daysVancouver
Module 2Oct 21-255 daysVancouver
Module 3Nov 18-22 5 daysVancouver
Greenbelt for Operations TORONTO FALL 20133 modulesToronto
Module 1Sep 30-Oct 45 daysToronto
Module 2Oct 28-Nov 15 daysToronto
Module 3Dec 2-65 daysToronto
Greenbelt for Operations CALGARY FALL 20133 modulesCalgary
Module 1Oct 7-115 daysCalgary
Module 2Nov 4-85 daysCalgary
Module 3Dec 2-65 daysCalgary

To register, visit:

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