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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Era of Sustainability

Here is the second post in our Lean is Green series.

A New Era of Sustainability

UN Global Impact-Accenture CEO Study 2010

The UN Global Impact-Accenture CEO study, was a survey involving 766 CEOs & top executives as well as face-to-face interviews with over 50 of the world’s foremost business executives. The study provides evidence that leading CEOs view sustainability issues as critical to future success.

This new research found that:
-93 percent of the CEOs polled believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their business
-86 percent want investors to better price sustainability issues into valuations

Top CEOs are addressing sustainability issues in new ways, for instance:
-58 percent of survey respondents cited the consumer among their most important stakeholders, even above employees (45 percent) and governments (39 percent)
-91 percent of those polled said that their company would be employing new technologies and innovation to help meet sustainability goals over the next five years
-Partnerships and collaboration are increasingly important
-78 percent of survey respondents feel that companies should engage in industry collaborations and multi-stakeholder partnerships to address sustainability goals

This leads us to consider forces outside of our own organizations. Stay tuned for the third part of the Lean is Green series on supply chain.

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