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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lean Omelette Chef

Lean can be applied anywhere!

We saw it during our corporate retreat at the omelet station. The photo below shows the Omelette Chef cooking over 6 customized omelets simultaneously, while keeping his ingredients fully stocked at all times.

Each pan gets moved down to the next burner as it enters each subsequent stage of cooking.
All the pitchers are pre-measured to the exact amount of his main omelet batter bowl where he pulls exactly one ladle full for each omelet. Despite each omelet moving and customers moving around too, this Lean Chef knew which omelet belonged to which customer- proof that his process was simple without any unnecessary steps that might cause complications.
The Lean chef added value to his hungry customers by entertaining with jokes. Perhaps we should hire him for the next Greenbelt breakfasts?

Bon appetite!

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