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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Icebreaker!

Those of you who have taken any of our Lean training courses know that ice breakers are quintessential to our dynamic facilitation style. Today, we introduced a new ice breaker, The Ping Pong Toss.

The Ping Pong Toss ice breaker debuted at an in-house kaizen for one of our American clients.

Ice Breaker using ping pong balls from Lean Sensei on Vimeo.

The materials are simple, large basket or bucket, 3 cups, 6-8 ping pong balls. You can improvise and add rings too.

If you get the ball into the bucket that's 1 point. A ball in a cup is 2 points.

Classroom training to equip the group for the kaizen.

The teams are delving into the data.

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