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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Greenbelt Operations Vancouver Kick-off!

The weather may be getting cooler, but here at Lean Sensei we are just getting fired up! Fall programs have started up again at our head office in beautiful Vancouver. Participants from all over the United States and Canada are here for the first module of Greenbelt for Operations. For the bulk of this week they are applying their Lean skills at a hosting company conducting a Kaizen on the principles of 5S.

Without standardization, it is difficult to achieve even the most obvious of targets.

Keep an eye out for more updates with this group and for more from our other upcoming fall programs!
 Please check out the Lean Sensei Website for our program calendar and more information.

And here are the answers from the Greenbelt trivia questions posted on Monday. Thank you to all who posted their answers on our Facebook page.

Question (1)
How many books are in the “Toyota Way” series?

Five (The Toyota Way, The Toyota Way Field book, Toyota Talent and Toyota Culture, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership)

Question (2) – Multiple Choice
Since 2004, how many people have graduated from Lean Sensei’s Greenbelt program?

a) 1,000
b) Between 1,000 and 1,250
c) Between 1,250 and 1,500 (the actual number is 1,305 and still counting- We are transforming the world!)
d) Between 1,500 and 2,000
Question (3) – Multiple Choice
In which year was the term “Lean” first coined?

a) 1987
b) 1990 (by Jim Womack in his book “The Machine that Changed the World”)
c) 1997
d) 1980
 Question (4)
In 2012, LSI started a quarterly newsletter, in which Andrew wrote our first ever Coach’s corner article on Flow. In this article he wrote that Flow could be broken down into four vital components. Name each of these.

1) Materials
2) Information
3) People
4) Spirit (or teamwork)
Question (5) – Multiple Choice
How many group kaizen’s have been completed through Lean Sensei’s Greenbelt program?

a) less than 150
b) 150 - 200
c) 200 - 250
d) greater than 250 (the actual answer is 276)

Question (6)
Name all 7 types of waste – Bonus point if you can name the 8th

1) Transportation / Travel
2) Unnecessary Inventory
3) Unnecessary Motion
4) Waiting
5) Over Production
6) Inappropriate Processing
7) Defects

8) TALENT! (or Skills)

Question (7) – Multiple Choice
As you know, the focus of these three days is on Lean Leadership. As leaders, this question is to see how well you know your Greenbelts. Amongst all LSI Greenbelts, what is the most common MBTI type?

d) ISTJ (interestingly ISFJ is the dominant type in the overall population, meaning Greenbelts are more likely to be thinking than feeling vs. the general population)

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