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Monday, September 9, 2013

How Much Do you Know About Greenbelt

Welcome to Greenbelt! -Sarah, Lean Sensei Greenbelt Coordinator

Everyone is back from summer vacation and it is time for our wave of Fall Lean Greenbelt certification courses. This Fall we will have two Greenbelt classes in Vancouver, one in Calgary (starting October 7) and one in Toronto (starting September 30). The first of the four pack begins today with Greenbelt Operations in Vancouver.

While our participants are learning about the philosophy and history of Lean today, let's test how much the rest of you know about our Greenbelt programs...

Question (1)

How many books are in the “Toyota Way” series?
Question (2) – Multiple Choice
Since 2004, how many people have graduated from Lean Sensei’s Greenbelt program?
a) 1,000
b) Between 1,000 and 1,250
c) Between 1,250 and 1,500
            d) Between 1,500 and 2,000

Question (3) – Multiple Choice
In which year was the term “Lean” first coined?
a) 1987
b) 1990
c) 1997
d) 1980

Question (4)
In 2012, Lean Sensei started a quarterly newsletter, in which Andrew wrote our first ever Coach’s Corner article on Flow. In this article he wrote that Flow could be broken down into four vital components. Name each of these.

Question (5) – Multiple Choice
How many group Kaizens have been completed through Lean Sensei’s Greenbelt program?

a) less than 150 
b) 150 - 200
c) 200 - 250
            d) greater than 250 
Question (6)
Name all 7 types of waste – Bonus point if you can name the 8th

Question (7) – Multiple Choice
Amongst all Lean Sensei Greenbelts, what is the most common MBTI type?


Post your answers on our Facebook page, get them all right to win a prize!

Stay tuned for photos from today's Greenbelt program kick-off...

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