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Friday, December 6, 2013

Juku Lean People Development

Lean Sensei is very excited to launch our new Juku workshop today!

In Japanese, the term Juku refers to special classes designed to advance students to higher degrees of success. Similarly, Lean Sensei’s Juku Extended Education program focuses on concentration and dedication in developing the best in Lean talent.

A new extended education program has been developed for Lean Sensei Greenbelt, Blackbelt and Master Blackbelt graduates to go above and beyond what they have learned in Lean certification programs. The Juku program is designed to complement other Lean Sensei programs and bring new challenges to graduates who are ready to bring their knowledge and experience to the next level. It is intended to be completed within a 12 month period (ie. January to December).

In addition, the Juku program allows people to stay connected and networked with others who are building their Lean and Toyota Way knowledge base. Learning opportunities will be in the form of workshops and hands-on seminars.

Why is this important?

The Juku program supports the ongoing educational and professional development of Lean Sensei certified Leanbelt practitioners. The purpose of Lean Sensei’s Juku program is to:
  • Enhance the professional development of Lean certified practitioners
  • Enhance the sustainability of Lean within client organizations
  • Encourage and recognize individualized learning opportunities
  • Offer a standardized and objective mechanism for attaining and recording professional development activities
  • Sustain the recognition and value of Lean Sensei Leanbelt credentials

The next Juku workshop on Lean Mistake Proofing will be in 2014 commencing January 24. Please visit our website for more information - 

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