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Friday, January 31, 2014

Greenbelts Tackle Their First Kaizen

Day 3-5 out of the 5 days of Lean Sensei's Greenbelt Module 1 is spent at the gemba for practical application of the lean tools taught on day 1-2. Here at Lean Sensei, we have a practical approach to lean training. To truly learn the tools and methodologies, you have to use them!
This week, the Greenbelts are at a local trailer manufacturing company to apply their 5S know-how. The Greenbelts apply their skills in a real life company setting and the hosting company receive real savings.
Next, each Greenbelt candidate will need to complete a 5S project on their own without the rest of their classmates or a Lean Sensei coach. This project must be completed at their home organization. A minimum of 25% improvement is one of the criterion to receive a pass on this homework project.
Genchi gembutsu, go and see! 

Observing the current flow of work 

Learning about the needs of the process owner.

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David Cresswell said...

One of the strengths of the LSI model is the 'applied learning' approach for their programs and skills development. To be taught by deeply experienced experts, and then having the opportunity to apply those skills in a supportive, cohort based environment with the active coaching of LSI coaches, and then another opportunity to practice those skills again back at your workplace really helps to galvanize those new learnings. The supportive coaching and cohort environment, coupled with real world challenges in the host sites and multiple opportunities to practice really make a difference.