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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Class of Spring 2014, Calgary/Edmonton

Congratulations Greenbelts!

This is the Calgary/Edmonton's first week of officially being certified Lean Greenbelt Mugen!
Mugen in Japanese means "no limits." Now that the Greenbelts are fully equipped with enough lean arsenal to even teach their own Whitebelt class, the sky is the limit to what they can do to continuously raise the bar in their own roles and the organization as a whole.

Gold medallist, Daniel
Silver medallist, Raymond

Bronze medallist, Jack

 Thank you sponsors for your support!

Sponsors represent the executive team and their attendance at kick-off, presentation, graduation and on-going mentoring, encouragement and collaboration is a demonstration that the entire company is making the commitment to become truly lean.

Go Transform the World!
Start dates for upcoming Lean Greenbelt Mugen classes (each class consists of three modules, see our calendar for complete dates):
Vancouver Operations - September 8, 2014
Vancouver Service - September 22, 2014
Toronto Operations - September 29, 2014
Edmonton/Calgary Operations - October 6, 2014
 Register online or call 604-264-1000

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