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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Update from Edmonton Greenbelt

Last week Bob facilitated the first module of Greenbelt in Edmonton. The first kaizen was focused on 5S at a company specializing in the manufacturing of radiant panels for both heating and cooling.

The class broke up into three teams to address three areas:



A lot of transformation for the company in only 3 days. But there was still time for fun!

Contact us if you would like to host one of the modules of Greenbelt. Most of the Winter session modules have been claimed but we are still taking requests for Spring and Summer. Below are all the module topics. Contact us for dates.

Module 1 - 5S
Module 2 - Cycle/Process Time Reduction
Module 3 - Lean Office Kaizen or Value Innovation

To register as a participant of Greenbelt follow this link:

More photos on our Facebook page.

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