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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lean Sensei International hosts the 2016 Lean Summit

Mark your calendars! 

In September, Lean Sensei International welcomes back Mike Hoseus, a recognized Lean Expert and co-author of the Shingo Award-winning book, Toyota Culture

Hoseus has had over a decade of experience, working at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Kentucky.  As the Executive Director of the Center for the Quality People and Organizations and the President of Lean Culture Enterprises, he continues to advise and support organizations on their Lean journey. His extensive experience at Toyota covers areas such as production, engineering, skilled trades maintenance, safety, personnel, HR development and employee relations.  This experience and mentoring by his Japanese sensei, have given Hoseus invaluable insight and understanding into the successful integration of production and ‘human systems’. 

In addition to Hoseus, the Lean Summit features four other respected, local industry speakers who will share the trials and tribulations of “going Lean” in their organizations. 

Mike Hoseus, co-author of the Shingo Award-winning book, Toyota Culture

Topics covered include:
  •        Ways to successfully implement the values of a company’s guiding principles and mission statement
  •        Identifying and discussing the specific steps used in problem-solving (e.g. communication, buy-in, engagement, purpose, customer satisfaction, etc.)
  •        Hoshin Kanri (Policy Development) - creating a work environment where every member, at every level of the organization drives towards a common strategic vision
  •        Daily Management System (DMS)- an ongoing, continuous process that encourages completion of work in the right way and at the right time
  •        How to integrate key performance indicators such as, quality, cost, productivity, safety and HR development into a DMS

September 13-14, 2016
Registration and breakfast
Welcome speech by David Chao
Mike Hoseus
Refreshment break
Mike Hoseus
Lunch break
Mike Hoseus
Refreshment break
Industry Speaker
Industry Speaker
Hansei (Reflection)

This Summit is hosted by Lean Sensei International, one of the world’s leading lean coaching companies.  Take this opportunity to learn from the best, to network with participants from a variety of industries and to hear some eye-opening stories from lean experts. 

Lean Summit prices include:

·        - Two full days of workshops and activities
·         -All workshop materials
·         -Breakfast and lunch
·         -Refreshments and light snacks throughout the day

Click here to register:

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Below is a link to our 2013 Lean Summit. Take a look and get an idea of what to look forward to as a participant in the 2016 Lean Summit.

Mike Hoseus with the David Chao, the President of  Lean Sensei International

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