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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lean Problem Solving

Our most popular Executive Program is LPS - which stands for Lean Problem Solving. Using a sophisticated 8-step process for solving anything from a simple 5S problem to a complex, multi-faceted supply chain project, LPS is virtually guaranteed to produce effective results. Instead of "jumping" into conclusions quickly, the LPS methodology encourages people to examine root causes deeply, assess its impact across the value stream, and create sustainable results not often possible with simpler PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) methods.

As the most important Executive Certification topic, LPS workshop and kaizen is taught throughout the world. So far, we have brought LPS session to Japan, Singapore, Belgium, and to various cities in both the US and Canada. So far, we have trained more than 300 people on how to use LPS to solve problems.

Next week, I am off to Australia to conduct two more LPS sessions, involving a multi-national organization faced with complex international issues. I am so excited, because I love challenges!

Want to know what LPS is all about? Take a look at our last LPS session which was held in Belgium in December. Notice how much of the video involves discussion about chocolates and coffee!

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