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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Transform the World

As some of you already know, LSI's vision is to "Transform the world through lean."  While it may be an outrageous vision, I strongly feel that it is important in life to "reach out and reach far."  After all, if we can't dream about something signficant, life will be quite boring!

I often think about what we can do to influence the world and society in positive ways.  And I truly believe that - if all lean champions really put their mind on it - we can come up with unique and innovative ways to change the world in a positive way using lean methods.

I also found out last week that my MBTI type, "ENFJ," often thinks about this kind of "big picture view."  It turns out that Obama, Tony Blair, Oprah, and Martin Luther King all have the same personality, ENFJ.  Maybe we were born to dream big, dream strong, and dream far.  I guess it's both a blessing and a burden at the same time ....

Can lean thinking change the world?  With everything happening in the world these days, I think we can at least try!

"Together, we can transform the world through lean"

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Greg Cameron said...

I think the blog thing is great. It will take some time and effort to catch on but it will for sure.
I think another great way to get the lean message across is through doing a Podcast......have you ever thought about that?