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Monday, October 31, 2011

Greenbelt Vancouver Service Module 2

Happy Halloween!!!

Today our Greenbelt Vancouver Service Program had their first day of Module 2 at Terminal City Club. The group learned a lot and showed up with Halloween spirit!
The participants each did a short presentation about their 5S homework, where they worked towards cleaning and reorganizing workspace to create a leaner and more efficient work environment.
Next, the participants worked in teams on the airplane simulation exercise which builds on line balancing, pull systems, and takt time.
After lunch, the group will be practicing their impropmtu presentation skills which will help for the final presentation in Module 3.

We had some very creative costumes this year!!! Gumby, Luigi, Snow White, a rockstar, and Green Lantern decided to show up.

The participants are working on the Airplane Simulation Exercise

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