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Monday, November 26, 2012

Huddle Up

Last week, we talked about hansei for reflection at the end of the day.  Today we are addressing the morning huddle to start another productive day.

Morning huddle, scrum, discussion, meeting, check in…  Whatever you may call it, convening at the beginning of the day is a great way to strategize the entire team and optimize efficiency. 

This is also a way to build relationships and trust within the team.  As each team member is given a chance to loosely share what their plan for the day is and anticipated areas of difficulty, the team can identify how the load can be leveled.  By laying your cards on the table so to speak, potential redundancy is identified and eliminated.  Connections between each team members’ roles and work will arise during these meetings as well.

Here is a video summarizing the main points you should cover to conduct an effective morning huddle, followed by a demonstration.

Now, you are fully equipped to lead your team in a morning huddle!

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