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Monday, November 5, 2012

Start of The Week, Start of Change

It's the start of a new week so what better time to think about Kaizen. A successful Kaizen blitz not only yields positive change but imparts Lean philosophy in a sustainable manner. The chart below summarizes the dynamic preparation model that leads to successful Kaizen. 

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First and foremost, understand what value means to your customer. Currently, is that what you are producing? 
Map out your future goals to align your business objectives to bringing value to your customers. 
Mind the gap- compare your current state with your future state, where you want to be?
What will you do to get there? 
Plan it out and do it! Have checkstops along the way to evaluate your progress and revise future state as necessary.

Last week our Calgary Greenbelt class engaged in a Kaizen blitz at a local logistics company. Notice the value stream maps in the background? That is one tool you can utilize when assessing the current state.

What business process at your organization can you lead Kaizen for?

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