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Monday, April 1, 2013

Interview with Jeffrey Liker

Today David Chao, president of Lean Sensei International will be interviewing Dr. Jeffrey Liker in anticipation of Dr. Liker's presentation at the Lean Summit conference.

Lean Sensei's Lean conference in 2009: Dr. Jeffrey Liker and David Chao with the first Lean coffee table book by David Chao

Dr. Liker is the author of some of the most influential books on Lean. One of his most well known books is the Toyota Way. A copy of this book is part of the reading materials provided in our Operations Greenbelt program. Other recognizable titles include, the Toyota Way Fieldbook, Toyota Talent and Toyota Culture. The newest in the Toyota Way series is the Toyota Way to Lean Leadership. And Lean leadership is the theme of the Lean Sensei's conference this year.

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For now, here is an overview of what you can look forward to from Dr. Liker's presentation at the Summit, on June 18 (the Summit will close on June 20).

Developing Lean Leaders: The Missing Piece in Lean Transformations

Companies around the world boast about the results they achieved from their Lean programs. Yet despite all the Lean Projects that have been implemented over the past two decades, no company in any industry in the world has attained the same level of consistent operational excellence in its field as Toyota. What are these companies missing? The answer is leadership with the right skills and knowledge to teach and coach others to use disciplined approaches to process improvement.

In The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership (with Gary Convis, former Toyota Managing Officer) we present a leadership development model and use examples from Toyota to illustrate the painstaking process of growth that leaders must undergo, from developing themselves, to developing others, to leading daily kaizen and finally to maturing, in order to align goals from top to bottom and sideways using hoshin kanri (policy deployment). This one day interactive workshop will focus on how to create leaders that succeed in changing themselves so that they can lead, teach, and coach others on the long-term journey to continuous improvement. It will show how to get employees on point and on mission. If you want to get Lean, you need a dedication to self- development at the leadership level.
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