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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Lost Art of Storytelling

In our digital age of "i" everything from phones to TV's, the value of storytelling is getting lost. However, it is actually a very important vehicle for building a positive corporate culture.
SOP's and employee handbooks are important but cannot match the impact of one's the personal account and the interaction of face to face conversation. This is true not only for veterans of the company but even for those who have only been with the company for a year and helping new hires learn the ropes.
The following article outlines 8 signs of a culture driven organization. Not surprisingly, these traits align with practices of a lean organization. These traits include:
  • exploring deeply into issues to find the root cause, such as our 5 Whys Funnel
  • celebrating both small and large successes, which can be as simple as a champion board
  • listen to the stories of others through regular benchmarking
  • care and value for the customer, both external and internal is number one
  • work efficiently, including efficient and clear communication such as through easy to follow SOP's and visual work systems

The science behind effective storytelling is part of our Greenbelt curriculum. Visit our website, email or call us at (604) 264-1000 for more information on how you can become Greenbelt Mugen Certified.

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