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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lean Strategy and Assessment Kaizen

Last week, the Blackbelt class wrapped up the week on a high note with their Lean Strategy and Assessment kaizen. The kaizen was held at an organization that has over 10 000 employees and has been on their lean journey for several years. Using the Lean Assessment tools devised by Master Coach, David Chao, the group discovered that there were pockets that were sustaining lean well. However, the class did have some recommendations on how to have management better plugged into lean.
Whether you have a strong start or slow start to your lean journey, sustainment and management of lean cannot be successful without a corporate vision that incorporates lean.
Lean Sensei has one to five day executive workshops that help management with their role in ensuring their investment in lean develops.
Upcoming Executive Programs:
Lean Deployment - April 1, 2014
Lean People Development - July 7-8, 2014* the popular one day Juku workshop has evolved into a two day executive program to cover the topic of Lean People Development with even greater detail, based on your feedback.
Or call us for more details: 604-264-1000

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