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Monday, March 3, 2014

The First Step of Sustainment... Proper Deployment

The two most common hurdles for lean we have seen are getting buy-in during the initial stages of lean and sustainment once lean has formerly been implemented.

To set yourself up for success on the latter issue, proper deployment of lean is the first step.

On April 1st (no fooling!) we will have a one day Executive Leanbelt course on Lean Deployment. Executive coach, Andrew will facilitate the course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what Lean deployment is all about
  • Learn how to apply the key concepts of Lean deployment, including Hoshin Kanri (Shared Vision Deployment) and Balanced Scorecard (SC)
  • Develop thinking and mindset of a first-class Lean company
  • Develop your own Lean deployment framework

About Lean Sensei, Executive Coach, Andrew McFadyen

Andrew has over 20 years of Lean experience, including 4 years with Toyota and 15 years with Teleflex (a Tier 1 conglomerate). After becoming a supervisor early in his career, Andrew studied business administration and moved progressively through management and executive positions. Andrew has extensive leadership experience in product and service development, process innovation, and lean operations. He is a highly regarded trainer. Equally comfortable in the boardroom or at the gemba, Andrew has real-world experience that he can easily relate to a wide range of organizations and situations.
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