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Monday, September 15, 2014

Greenbelt is key for lean success

A three-module course that provides basic, intermediate and some advanced knowledge and experience in Lean.
The primary focus of the Greenbelt Certification Program is to teach, facilitate, lead and implement lean activities to create experienced lean practitioners.  Participants learn to work as a team player, motivator, and a true Lean champion within their organizations. Once completed, Greenbelt graduates have two primary tasks in their organizations – to help successfully deploy Lean techniques and to lead small-scale improvement projects in their areas.

Two different streams are offered.  Greenbelt for Operations is designed for people and organizations whose primary focus is on manufacturing, operations, distribution and supply chain work.  Greenbelt Service is designed for people and organizations in service, transactional and non-manufacturing industries.  The two streams share common themes and topics such as 5S and cycle time reduction.  They differ in their area of focus.  The operations program emphasizes line balancing, production time reduction and capacity expansion, while the service program emphasizes transactional waste reduction, value innovation and customer satisfaction improvement.

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