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Friday, September 5, 2014

Where is LSI going over the next several months?

Many places, as usual!  While we love to stay right here in Vancouver as much as possible, our coaching and lean programs are in demand around the world which means that we do have to travel to many places.

We just completed projects in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we are soon off to Toronto, Winnipeg, followed by Edmonton this fall.  Later in the year, our Blackbelts and Executives participants will travel to Japan as part of our Japan Lean Tour, and we have subsequent travels again to San Francisco, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.

In early 2015 and beyond, our Executive programs will take us to the Florida coast, then  by spring time we will be travelling to Japan again, followed by trips to Europe (Germany and Italy).  Projects in UK and Belgium are currently being considered as well, though it looks like we don't have to visit China, Thailand, or Singapore in the next several months as we did in the recent past.

While travels are a bit tough on our body and mind, as long as we are pursuing our vision to "transform the world through lean," we will simply keep moving forward!

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