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Monday, September 8, 2014

Greenbelt Operations Fall 2014 Vancouver Kicks Off!

Our first Greenbelt program of Fall 2014 has kicked off in Vancouver! The emphasis in Greenbelt for Operations is on improving processes that deliver direct value to the final customer or end user. The methodology that is taught in Greenbelt for Operations focuses on how to reduce cycle time, how to improve organizations effectiveness through 5S and how to improve the overall value to end customers.
Team building activities:

Will it survive the fall?

Group photo:
Stay tuned for more updates this week as the group is working hard to learn Lean principles and methodology, and will then take that knowledge and head into a real company for an action-packed 5S Kaizen Blitz.
Upcoming programs:
Greenbelt Service (Vancouver – Fall 2014)
Module 1: September 22nd – September 26th
Module 2: October 20th – October 24th
Module 3: November 17th – November 21st
Greenbelt Operations (Toronto – Fall 2014)
Module 1: September 29th – October 3rd
Module 2: October 27th – October 31st
Module 3: December 1st – December 5th
Greenbelt Operations (Calgary – Fall 2014)
Module 1: October 6th – October 10th
Module 2: November 3rd – November 7th
Module 3: December 1st – December 5th
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