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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greenbelt Vancouver Class of Spring 2010 Graduates!

Greenbelt class of 2010 Spring Vancouver

It is with our honor to graduate another group of talented lean champions from our most popular and highly acclaimed Lean Greenbelt Certification.

Consisting of people from all across the country and from various industries (manufacturing, health care, etc), this diversified group of class delivered an impressive "final Greenbelt video."  Each Greenbelt class is tasked with designing, developing, and creating a short film summarizing their accomplishments and performance throughout the class.  With the theme of "Biggest Leaner," this spring 2010 class created what could very well be one of the best videos we've seen.  Everyone participated in the video, but special thanks go to Francesca Baggio, Tom Meierhoff, and Marianne Stewart who are the masterminds behind this latest video.

A number of participants said to us,"It's life changing. It's not like any other course or program we've ever taken.  How can we even explain what this program is to others .... they won't understand the true meaning and purpose of the Greenbelt until they take it!"

Also, we want to recognize the three highest ranking graduates from this class:  Bob Smith, Mike Nunn and Marianne Stewart. 

Photos the top 3 graduates and those who helped with the GB video
from left: Mike, Marianne, Bob, Francesca, Tom, and David Chao of LSI

The Greenbelt videos have been split up into two parts because only allows max of 10 min video, and this video is 18 min long in total.

Greenbelt Special Video Part A (of two parts)

Greenbelt Special Video Part B (final)

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